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Since 1969.
Customized products for automation.

MM Meggiolaro srl was set up in 1969 by the will of brothers Sergio and Giovanni Meggiolaro to improve and automate the processes for working the leathers inside tanneries.

The Company, located in one of the most important tannery areas in the world, during the first years focused its work on the production of stackers, lifting tables, horses and conveyors for tanneries and, thanks to the care and determination of the founding partners, very soon expanded abroad, becoming one of the leading benchmark companies in the world of automation.

Over the years Sergio’s heirs, Daniele and Michela, have joined their uncle Giovanni in the leadership of the company, carrying on with him the family spirit of the company and the continuous research for new technological solutions that allow MM Meggiolaro srl to develop more and more.

Precision, experience and dedication to satisfy Customers’ needs allowed MM Meggiolaro srl to expand successfully its production into different branches: stackers, lifting tables and conveyors produced by MM Meggiolaro srl also find application in the food, fishing, textile, metallurgic, building industry and in many other sectors.

The Company works towards top quality service and offers customized products, starting from the planning, followed step by step by the internal technical office, the production, composed of qualified technicians with long experience, to the installation service and the after sale assistance, carried out by specialized technicians.

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The Meggiolaro brothers: Giovanni (on the left) and Sergio.
Michela and Daniele together with their uncle Giovanni.